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We have started our journey in the early days of year 2012. Our first goal was to reach rural and urban areas where people are interested to experience something new in broadband.


Broadband is a defines itself as a high speed internet connectivity. So our main aim was to deliver high bandwidth to our customers with a low cost price. No just internet, they can experience secure network, un-interupted connectivity which allows them to be connected to internet always.


Begining with 2013 our journey takes a new dimension, in just 3 months we got several new Distribution POPs and got 100% customer growth. In this expansion our netwok got coverage of 200 square kilometers. In additional we got multiple operators working under our brand names.


From 2014 October we have started to connection several hosuing complex with our 100 mbps wireless network. But from the end of 2014 the demand of bandwidth and new customer base force us to expand our wireless network into a GigaBit one. 100+ wireless Backhaul links keep our network stable and redundent. 


October 2014 from the time we step into Web Hosting & Dedicated Server Hosting with our own Data Center. 


Our Business Areas are:


Broadband Internet


Internet Lease Line


Web Hosting


Dedicated Server Hosting


Network Consulting


Network Service Area

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